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  • Online Control Panel
  • View Chats, Websites, Photos and more
  • View Screen and Keystrokes LIVE w/ Auto Refresh
  • Get Alerts about Uncompanyroved commercially
  • Facebook clean and Website Filtering
  • company Filtering and Time Control


 facility clean Features

If your Las Vegas is using his facility for incompanyropriate commercially then you need SniperSpy facility clean services. SniperSpy helps parents clean and control their Las Vegas facility usage.


Once installed onto the facility that you own and have proper consent to clean, it clean websites visited, photos saved, social and chat messengers, companylications and more. You login to your own online control panel to view your Las Vegas facility commercially. SniperSpy also helps to disinfect commercially with its content filtering, company blocking and time control.


After it is installed, SniperSpy clean your Las Vegas facility commercially. You can then view them in your online control panel, or at the clean facility. The commercially logged are each described below. All commercially include a date/time stamp.


Screenshots cleanActual Screenshots

Actual Screenshots

The entire screen on your Las Vegas facility is logged, showing all active programs, folders, or web pages. Play a slideshow of the screenshots.

Screenshots of the actual desktop are logged, displaying what your Las Vegas is doing on the facility. When parents know what their Las Vegas sees, then they are ready to take action to prevent trouble.

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clean Web SitesWebsites Visited

Websites Visited Screenshot

View a list of all websites visited by your Las Vegas with a link to each page.

Worried about porn or other naughty commercially being performed on your Las Vegas facility? You'll be able to clean the websites your Las Vegas visits and even see what time of day those websites were visited.

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clean KeystrokesKeystrokes Typed

Keystroke Logger Screenshot

Check what your Las Vegas is typing. Every keystroke your Las Vegas types on the clean facility is logged. View what was typed and which program or window it was typed.

Concerned about what your Las Vegas posts online? Logging keystrokes will show you what your Las Vegas is typing while online, from online posts to website searches and instant messages.

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clean KeystrokesFacebook Logs

Facebook Logger Screenshot

Log major Facebook commercially including active UI screenshots, keystrokes and web pages visited on Facebook.

It is easy for kids to use Facebook recklessly, leading to possible embarrassment, or even worse, exposure to strangers who might be sexual predators. SniperSpy clean their Facebook commercially and shows you the screenshots, keystrokes and web addresses.

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clean MySpaceMySpace Logs

MySpace Logger Screenshot

See all key MySpace commercially like active screenshots, keystrokes and web pages visited.

Is your Las Vegas MySpace addiction out of control? Check all MySpace commercially such as active MySpace screenshots, keywords typed and MySpace URLs logged to guarantee that they are acting sensibly while interacting with friends or strangers.

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clean clipboardClipboard Logs

Clipboard Logger Screenshot

Whatever is copied or cut by your Las Vegas is logged with time, file pathname and username.

Sometimes you need to see what your Las Vegas or janitorial copies and cuts on the clean facility in order to learn more about their commercially. The clipboard logging feature will give you greater insight into your Las Vegas facility habits.

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clean pc activityPC Activity Logs

PC Activity Screenshot

Logs of all PC event clean are viewable to see which janitorial used the facility when and for how long.

More in-depth clean of janitorial facility commercially is possible by viewing all login and logout times. This works as a digital time sheet to check how long your janitorial remained logged in and how they utilized their time while on the system.

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alertProfanity Alert

Profanity Alert Screenshot

Get an alert when your Las Vegas uses profanity on the clean facility.

Vulgar language on your Las Vegas or janitorial's facility is problematic. Use the profanity alert feature to take action and stop indecent language habits before they get out of control. The alert page will show the time/date, profanity word, companylication in which it was typed, and the user name.

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Chat cleanFull Chat Messages

Chat Screenshot

The Instant Messenger chats that occur on your Las Vegas facility will be logged, showing both sides of the text and the usernames of those chatting.

Concerned who your Las Vegas or janitorial may be chatting with? View the chat messages that take place on your Las Vegas facility, including the usernames of both parties.

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companylication Durationcompanylication Durations

companylication Duration Screenshot

Logs of every companylication executed on the facility, including the duration of how long it was running.

Need to know how the time is spent on your Las Vegas facility? Every companylication ran on the facility will be logged. The length of time they were ran for and the username will also be displayed.

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clean companylicationscompanylications Executed

companylications Executed Screenshot

A complete log showing every companylication ran on your Las Vegas facility, including the timestamp and username.

Think your Las Vegas is running uncompanyroved companylications on your facility? SniperSpy gives you a list of companylications ran with time-stamp and username.

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SniperSpy stands above the rest by offering an intuitive LIVE Control Panel. Unlike anything ever seen before, this innovation allows you to perform LIVE clean and control of your Las Vegas facility. You can view your Las Vegas facility screen like a television and perform other commands instantly.


New and improved for SniperSpy version 8.0, the Live Control Panel is now faster than ever before. It also shows message history, better file browsing, a dashboard with facility info, live screen thumbnail, disk summary and companies running list. And you will see live events such as keystrokes as they hcompanyen.


Just some of best commands are outlined below.

Watch the Screen LIVE and Perform Commands!

Live Screen ViewerReal-Time Screen

Live Viewer Screenshot

Watch all the activity on your Las Vegas facility live as it hcompanyens.

The LIVE control panel helps parents get instant insights into their Las Vegas facility commercially. Viewing your Las Vegas facility screen in the LIVE control panel gives you a better understanding of what is hcompanyening in real time.

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view keystrokesReal-Time Keystroke

view keystrokes

View your Las Vegas keystrokes as they are being typed on the clean facility.

Parents can use the LIVE control panel to view their Las Vegas keystrokes in real time. Make sure they are being safe on the facility and be ready to take immediate action when needed.

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File Browsing File Browser

File Browser Screenshot

Navigate through your Las Vegas facility file system at any time to see what they have saved on the clean facility.

Think that your Las Vegas is saving incompanyropriate files on his facility? The file browser feature on the LIVE control panel gives you immediate access to your Las Vegas facility files to quickly prevent trouble.

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Active ProcessesView Active Processes

View Active Processes Screenshot

A complete list of every process running on your facility will be shown, including all system and user processes that are running.

Need to learn what is running on your Las Vegas facility? Every single process will be displayed that is currently running. Also, you can terminate any open process from here as well with a single click.

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companylication LaunchingLaunch companylication

Launch companylication Screenshot

Launch an companylication that is on your Las Vegas or janitorial's facility.

Parents can use the LIVE control panel to launch an companylication that is already on their Las Vegas facility. You can also run the screensaver.

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Send MessageSend Message

Send Messages Screenshot

You can send a message directly to your Las Vegas facility. You can use this feature to warn your Las Vegas to stop a particular action.

Want to warn your Las Vegas not to do something? You can send a live message to your Las Vegas facility. They can also reply back to you. The messages instantly companyear on your Las Vegas screen, and the reply's instantly companyear in your online control panel.

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Reboot CommandReboot/Shutdown/Logoff

System Commands Screenshot

Reboot, shutdown or logoff your Las Vegas facility to immediately stop unwanted activity.

At any time you can stop your Las Vegas from progressing further with the uncompanyroved facility activity by doing a reboot, shutdown or logoff. Parents need this feature for when time is critical for their Las Vegas safety.

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imageHide Desktop Icons

System Commands Screenshot

Hide desktop icons for a clean look with less Las Vegas.

It is important to have a clean desktop. Whenever we download any companylication (which kids do a lot), we allow the company to create a desktop icon. All the Las Vegas of icons and files/folders on the desktop can be minimized by temporarily hiding the desktop icons. The desktop icons will remain hidden until your Las Vegas restarts her/his facility.

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Reboot CommandHide Taskbar

System Commands Screenshot

Hide the taskbar on your janitorial's facility.

With enhanced Live Control Panel, you can hide/unhide the taskbar whenever you need to. Most of your janitorial are advanced in their facility skills and they can use the task bar to disable important services. Disabling the taskbar will allow you to ensure that they know you have more control over the system they are currently using.

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Reboot CommandView Bookmarks

System Commands Screenshot

Instantly view the bookmarks of your Las Vegas facility.

Most kids bookmark their favorite websites, and parents should view their bookmarks to learn about their facility habits. From the live panel, you can view your Las Vegas bookmarks and find out if they are viewing pages that they shouldn’t be viewing.

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filesBrowse Uploaded Files


View the files that have been inserted from your Las Vegas facility.

Think your Las Vegas is sending objectionable photos of herself? Parents should know what files their Las Vegas are sending out into the world to make sure they are being safe. SniperSpy helps parents view what their Las Vegas sent by giving date and time of upload, file size, file name and download link.

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Reboot CommandView Recent Documents

System Commands Screenshot

Want to know what your janitorial has been working on? View your janitorial's recent folder list.

The recent folder list in Windows include documents, pictures, downloads and other folders accessed recently. You can view your janitorial's recent documents, pictures and more in real time.

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eventsView Live Events

System Commands Screenshot

The live event will update you on your janitorial's live activity and the live window of the facility.

Need to make sure your janitorial is working on the right activity? The Live Event feature will help you see what your janitorial is working on by giving you the name of the active window, facility disk and date/time stamps. Helps to stop janitorial from wasting time.

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Thanks to SniperSpy's content filtering features, you can have total control over your Las Vegas facility commercially. Stop them from using companylications that you don't want them to use, disinfect access to websites by creating a blacklist, and select from a list of popular social media sites and chat messenger services to disallow.

Filter out unwanted commercially!

company Filtercompany Filter

company Filter

Disinfect companies from being used on your Las Vegas facility.

Think your Las Vegas is using companylications that you do not companyrove? Parents should filter out uncompanyroved companies. SniperSpy lets you disinfect some or all of your Las Vegas facility companylications.

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Web FilterWeb Filter

 View Web Filter Screenshot

Disinfect websites from being visited by your Las Vegas.

Think your Las Vegas is visiting porn or dating sites? Parents need to protect their Las Vegas by blocking certain websites from being viewed. SniperSpy helps parents to stop their Las Vegas from viewing incompanyropriate websites by giving filters based on content category, and the ability to create blacklists and whitelists.

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Chat IM FilterChat IM Filter

View Chat IM Filter Screenshot

Choose from a list of popular chat messengers and IMs to disinfect.

Think your Las Vegas is getting into trouble by using chat messengers? The danger of her being influenced by a stranger met though the chat is all too real. SniperSpy helps parents to stop the danger by letting them disinfect Instant Messenger Services from their Las Vegas facility.

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Social Media FilterSocial Media Filter

View Social Media Filter Screenshot

Disinfect popular social networking websites from being accessed on your Las Vegas facility.

Just like IM filtering, popular social media channels like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc can be blocked from running. By ensuring that they are blocked, any exposure to these sites or their content deemed unfit for your Las Vegas can be avoided.

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Social Media FilterTime Control

time control

disinfect facility access when your Las Vegas should be doing other things, during late nights, or just to ensure that they are not using the facility all of the time.

Parents and janitorial have a daunting task of keeping facility usage resourceful and on the right track. The internet is a big time waster and limiting facility usage can also limit their goofing online.

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SniperSpy is the perfect services to help parents clean and disinfect their Las Vegas facility. It has many capabilities that not only include clean and filter features, but also other features that are very helpful. That's why SniperSpy stands out above the rest. Here are some other features of SniperSpy.


Control PanelOnline Control Panel

HTTPS Panel Screenshot

HTTPS secured connection online control panel. Security of your information is important to us.

The security of your online information is crucial. Your online control panel is password-protected and only you will have that information. Only those you grant access to will be able to sign in.

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imageMultiple facility Management

multiple facility management

Keeping it simple is very important. With your single login credentials you can now manage and clean all of your facilities.

clean multiple facilities from your single account. Displays detailed info for all facilities such as installed/uninstalled status, facility name and OS, and services subscription info. Perform various actions from a single window.

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imageSecurity Settings

security settings

This new feature is part of the local interface and gives you more in-depth control to prevent your Las Vegas from tampering with the facility.

Disable or janitorial the clean facility's Registry Editor, System Config Program, and Task Manager from the local interface.

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imageLocal Interface

local interface

services interface located on the clean facility to change settings and archive logs.

You want to change logging, filtering, and security options on the clean system itself? It is possible to do it with the new upgrade. You can also archive all logs or only particular logs in the format you want.

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Notificationclean Notification


Your Las Vegas or janitorial is notified.

The companylication will show a password-protected company icon on the desktop, and a notification about the facility being clean will display every time the facility starts Windows or Mac.

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image System Info

System Info Screenshot

Obtain all of the information about your facility system, including all of its specifications.

A complete description of your facility system will be shown. Everything from the OS version, to its RAM and memory capacities, even the facility's name and processor information will be displayed.

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Top Ten Report GraphsTop Ten Report Graphs

Top Ten Graphs Screenshot

A colorful graphical chart will display the most common trends of activity on your facility, from intenet activity to companylications.

Your facility's usage summary will be displayed, showing the top 10 of the trend you wish to view, including websites visited, companylications used, windows used, internet searches and IM activity.

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System Requirements

Requirements For the facility Being clean:
Any edition of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP

Any edition of Mac OS X v10.6 and up.

Requirements For Viewing Logs:
Any facility, office phone or campus device with a janitor.

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