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 Computer Monitoring Advantages

SniperSpy raises the bar for computer monitoring. Using the latest programming techniques, our software brings to you the latest in cutting-edge monitoring. But with other computer monitoring titles on the market, which product should you choose? This page will show you why SniperSpy is the best in terms of effectiveness and support.
There are four sections: Testimonials, Comparison, Media Attention, and Awards.
  Actual Customer Testimonials
Customers from all over the world are saying great things about SniperSpy . Below you will find some of our testimonials. These are actual SniperSpy customer testimonials.

"Thanks to your product I have now peace of mind whenever I travel, wherever I go. My kids are always a phone call or e-mail away after I supervise their behavior on the WWW. It's been a very helpful tool to keep these young guys on the right track. Keep up the good work. Regards, Frisco"
Frisco, a San Diego, CA User

"I must say you guys have the best customer service I have ever dealt with. I have bought and downloaded literally thousands of dollars in different types of software, and over the past 8 years I have never had the customer service respond as quickly and be as helpful as you guys have been to me. Thank you and I will recommend you guys to every person I know. All my friends are excited about the software. You guys have been the greatest."
Stephanie, a USA user

"I have been using SniperSpy very successfully to monitor my desktop computer which my son uses. It's a great product!"
Bob, a USA user

"Thank you for your help I appreciate it very much. And so you know, I am extremely pleased with your software. Keep up the good work!"
Michelle, a USA user

"You have the best customer service I've seen in a long time. Thanks again for the immediate response and in solving this matter in a timely manner."
Reed, a USA user

  Compare Computer Monitoring Products

Compare the other computer monitoring titles on the market to our product. You will find that only SniperSpy allows you to view your child's computer's screen in real time. SniperSpy also gives you a visual representation of the activity. You will have an actual picture of the active window at an interval you set. Browsing thumbnails of actual jpg snapshots is much easier to understand.


In addition, only SniperSpy can fully bypass ANY firewall. Other computer monitoring software trigger a firewall alert which stops the monitoring. Below you will find a comparison chart which compares our features to the rest.

  image Other
LIVE Screenshot Viewer
Visual Screenshot Logging
Full Size Window Snapshot
Sent Emails Snapshots
Received Emails Snapshots
Webmail Snapshots
Facebook Snapshots
Windows Desktop Snapshots
Chat Snapshots


Keystroke Log
Chat Messenger Logger
IP Physical Location Mapping
Screen Snapshot Logger
Website Addresses Logger
Disk Change Logger
Automatic User File Upload
Application Time Summary
Complete System Info
Apps/Windows Logger
Documents Logger


App Filter
Web Filter
Chat IM Filter
Social Media Filter


Browse File System
Download Files
View Live Keystrokes
View/Kill Active Processes
Launch Application or URL
Lock/Unlock Mouse Movement
Reboot or Shutdown PC
Send Admin Message To User

Live Screen Viewer
Graphical Statistics Reporting
Real-time Monitoring
Logs Divided Into Pages
Thumbnail Viewing
Advanced User Filter
Searchable Logs
CSV Output of Log Files


Bypasses ANY Firewall
Password Protected App Icon
Password Protected Login


Rapid Online Support
Easy to Understand
Lifetime Free Updates
PRICE $79.97/yr $99.95/yr
  Media Attention to Retina-X Studios, LLC
Writers in magazines and and other media outlets across the globe have mentioned SniperSpy and our other products to the masses. The following magazines and books mentioned one of our software titles. Our software has also been mentioned by BBC, Fox News, CBS and other news networks.
  Awards Received by SniperSpy
SniperSpy has received various awards from download sites, some of which are shown below. These ratings are only given to select software that meets these sites' criteria for a top-rated product. Areas taken into consideration include functionality, stability and ease-of-use among other attributes.

System Requirements

Requirements For the Computer Being Monitored:
Any edition of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP

Any edition of Mac OS X v10.6 and up.

Requirements For Viewing Logs:
Any computer, mobile phone or tablet device with a web browser.

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