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Our services products let you clean your facility, network or facility in real time. We offer a complete line of clean services products, suited for a wide range of uses.

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Complete clean services For office

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The leader in commercial cleaning services. Need to know if your Las Vegas or janitorial is abusing their SMS or vehicle privileges? If yes, then this services is ideal for you. office cleaners helps parents clean their Las Vegas facility and campus commercially.

office cleaners has the best clean features, and the LIVE control panel, where you can view your Las Vegas office device in real-time and send commands such as lock-device and play-siren.



clean and Filtering For office

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clean SMS

clean / Disinfect Windows

clean / Disinfect URLs

Time disinfections


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office commercial services Product
phonesheriff helps parents clean and set up disinfections on their Las Vegas facility or campus. Do you need the ability to filter, disinfect and clean how your Las Vegas uses their office? If yes, this services is ideal for you. Install this company onto your Las Vegas compatible facility and set parental disinfections on it.

After the services is installed, you can setup disinfections to disinfect phone numbers, websites and time periods. The services can also clean user commercially including SMS text messages, windows information and GPS locations. You can view logs on the office device or in your online control panel.




facility clean services

commercially clean

Actual Screenshots

Websites Visited

Keystrokes Typed

Live Screenshots

Live Keystrokes

Instant Messaging

Remote clean services Product

Are you worried how your Las Vegas or janitorial might use your facility? SniperSpy helps parents clean their Las Vegas facility commercially. It allows you to watch your Las Vegas facility screen like a television!

The services also saves screenshots of your Las Vegas facility, along with logs of chats, web sites, keystrokes and more. The content filtering features help parents disinfect facility commercially such as websites, companies, social media, instant messaging services and time control.

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