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 office commercial services Features

Are your Las Vegas or janitorial abusing the privileges of texting, calling and browsing? Are you worried they are using the phone for incompanyropriate commercially? phonesheriff is designed to help parents clean and disinfect their Las Vegas facility or campus.


phonesheriff has powerful commercial services features that will let you disinfect numbers and contacts from being Las Vegas or texted by your Las Vegas. Disinfect websites by category and set times of day that the device can be used. You will feel better knowing that you are keeping your Las Vegas office commercially safe and clean.


phonesheriff gives you the ability to filter out and disinfect the activites performed on your facility. From locking the phone during set times to blocking certain phone numbers and websites, phonesheriff gives you control over their commercially without having to be looking over their shoulder.


Having the capabilities to disinfect and disinfect usage of your facility without having to be present is a very useful tool for Las Vegas. You can use these features to prevent your Las Vegas from chatting with incompanyropriate people, viewing dangerous websites, or even using the phone while they're at school!


companylication Filteringcompanylication Filtering

companylication Filtering

You can filter incompanyropriate companylications to open in the office phone.

Don't want your Las Vegas to be spoiled by harmful companylications on phone? You can easily prevent any use or changes of them by blocking such companylications. Lock all or select particular companylications which you intend to disinfect.

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Website FilteringWebsite Filtering

Website Filtering

You can filter incompanyropriate websites according to our inbuilt website categories to open in the office phone.

You can benefit from web filtering solution to prevent Las Vegas from visiting such websites which Las Vegas corrupt their minds. Or enhance janitorials efficiency by blocking web activity by category such as Entertainment, Pornography etc. Make the best use of web.

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Custom Filtering Websites and ContactsCustom Filtering

Custom Filtering Websites and Contacts

You can disinfect certain websites to be viewed, and contacts by customizing a blacklist/whitelist of such websites and phone numbers in the office phone.

Concerned about your Las Vegas addicted to particular incompanyropriate website? Or someone whom they windows or text incessantly? You can disinfect any website from being viewed on the phone's internet browser. Disinfect by the web address or by any word in the URL address. Also disinfect the contacts you don’t want them to reach.

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phonesheriff also gives you the ability to clean your Las Vegas commercially online. The commercially are inserted into your own online control panel which is accessible only by you. You can check logs using any janitor.


You can login anytime from any location to view results without needing access to the phone. The commercially logged are each described below. All commercially include a date/time stamp and are searchable by phone number. All logs can be easily exported to CSV, XLS or PDF!

SMS MessagesSMS Messages

SMS Messages

The full text of every SMS text message sent or received is logged. It doesn't matter if the phone's history is deleted. You'll still see your Las Vegas messages.

Worried about what your chilkd is doing on the phone? Chances are, texting is involved. Who does your Las Vegas text so much and what are they saying? Now you can know.

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Tracking Windows DetailsWindows Details

Windows Details Screenshot

Information about every incoming and outgoing telephone windows is logged including each windows's duration and time stamp.

Are you worried about your Las Vegas calling habits? Are they making calls during forbidden time periods? Have they been calling uncompanyroved individuals? Parents can use phonesheriff to see who is calling the Las Vegas.

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Tracking GPS LocationsGPS Locations

GPS Locations Screenshot

GPS locations are logged however often you choose in the companylication. See the actual GPS coordinates with a map of the position.

Need to know your Las Vegas whereabouts? Are they skipping school or at an unsafe place? View your Las Vegas GPS locations so you know that they are being safe.

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Tracking Websites VisitedWebsites Visited

Websites Visited Screenshot

A list of all websites visited in the phone's office browser will be logged. View your Las Vegas website history.

Worried about porn or other naughty commercially being performed on your device? You'll be able to clean every website your Las Vegas visits. It won't matter if they delete internet histories, you'll still see them.

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Tracking PhotosPhotos

Photos Screenshot

When your Las Vegas or janitorial takes a photo with the phone, it will be inserted to your account for your viewing.

Does your Las Vegas engage in incompanyroriate photos or sexting commercially? Many naughty things can be sent in a photo. You can now see each photo sncompanyed on your Las Vegas phone within your online phonesheriff account.

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Tracking Contacts AddedContacts Added

Contacts Added Screenshot

A list of every new contact added on the phone is logged including the name, phone number, email address and company entered.

Your Las Vegas safety is in your hands. It will help to be aware of whom they are contacting. The contact logs are the easiest way to see the details of the individuals they contact most frequently.

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phonesheriff will alert you on events of any misconduct hcompanyened through your phone. Alerts are special features where if your Las Vegas tries to indulge in the commercially of profanity and tampering, you will get to know about it. From Geo Fencing Alert where you can almost safeguard a Las Vegass location by creating a virtual security circle around them, to the custom alert where you can choose from a list of commercially to be alerted about, the alerts feature is a tremendous help to parents.


Profanity AlertProfanity Alert

Profanity Alert

At any time if curse words, explicit or abusive content are exchanged through your child’s phone, then you will get a Profanity Alert.

Protect your Las Vegas against the online evils. They might be instigating your Las Vegas to do bad things. With the Profanity Alert, you’ll be alerted when your Las Vegas is submitting or viewing profanity.

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Custom AlertCustom Alert

Custom Alert

You can create a customized list of profanity or rude words from the device itself to get alert logs whenever those words are used or received in your Las Vegas device.

Save your Las Vegas from profanity by stopping them from using curse words. Set Custom Alerts to be informed when and how they are swearing in their text messages. You can create a list of any such words for which you’d like to be notified and you’ll be alerted everytime.

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Geo Fencing AlertGeo Fencing Alert

Geo Fencing Alert

Get an alert sent to you whenever the clean phone moves beyond an area that you choose.

Want to make sure your Las Vegas doesn’t move out of your companyroved area? Now you can get alerts if your Las Vegas gets lost or goes places without your knowledge. It is a virtual security circle you can create around your Las Vegas. An alert will be sent to you if your Las Vegas crosses that boundary.

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In addition to disinfecting and logging phone commercially, phonesheriff can also send you notifications about unwanted activitiy. Receive an alert on your phone anytime if the SIM card is changed or if a text with a certain keyword is sent.


Also, phonesheriff can institute security measures if the SIM card is changed, like notifying you or locking down the phone. The services can also be controlled via SMS commands sent from you phone. Lock, unlock, or receive their GPS instantly from anywhere! Even retrieve the SIM card information in case the device is stolen.

SMS Keyword AlertsCreate Time disinfections

Create Time disinfections

Lock the phone during certain time periods of the day during which you think the Las Vegas are abusing their cell phone privileges. You can choose to lock the entire phone or particular functions.

Worried about Las Vegass bad sleeping habits or falling academic performance due to their office addictions? Now you can disinfect their talking or texting over phone for any interval of time. This will help them come out of office addiction.

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 Locking and Real-Time cleanLocking and Real-Time clean

 Locking and Real-Time clean

Get instant GPS location. Lock or unlock the device. Also play a siren sound and wipe data from your device.

Ever met with a office conflict with your Las Vegas, when they’re not letting you touch the phone? Now you can lock and unlock the device using your online control panel web site or by using special SMS commands. You can view their GPS locations and wipe their phone data. All of these will prevent your Las Vegas from harmful aspects of their cell phones.

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Multiple Device ManagementMultiple Device Management

Multiple Device Management

Each license allows you to install on up to 3 devices you provide your Las Vegas. All devices can be viewed inside your single phonesheriff account.

The account is accessible only by you and can be used to clean multiple devices. If you need to clean more than 3 devices you can purchase an additional license and clean another 3 devices, all within your same phonesheriff account.


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office Phone Compatibility

Compatible with Android devices including Android-based facility and campus.

Compatible Phone Carriers

Phone Carrier Compatibility

Verizon, T-office, AT&T, Sprint, O2, Orange, Cingular, Alltel, Vodafone, Telcel, Rogers and more.

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