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Network clean Platform

Network clean services

Do you think your janitorial are wasting time on your facilities during work?

A responsible network administrator knows how janitorial or students use the facilities on the network. Whether in a classroom facility lab or on a work network, the ability to clean and control the facilities on your network is important.

Our network clean platform is completely scalable, so regardless of the size of your network, you can actively clean and filter the content accessed by each individual facility. You can view each screen live and take control of the facility at will. Keep your productivity high by integrating network clean in your business or school.

Network clean services

Network clean Platform

Network clean makes it easy for you to see if users are staying focused and utilizing time on your facilities efficiently. clean networks are less likely to allow unwanted activity, and provide governance for users.

Use Network clean if:
  • You want to check activity of any facility on your network.
  • You need to make sure company property is handled properly.
  • You would like to teach an interactive facility class, or clean a school network.
  • You need to establish control and discipline on your network.

A network clean system is usually the first to be requested for when setting up a network. The ability to clean and control your network is just as important as having a network.


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Net Orbit for Windows Networks

Net Orbit allows you to clean and control all user activity on your network in real time. Quickly view detailed activity logs or multiple user screens on your wired or wireless network.
Net Orbit is a powerful Network clean Platform with unlimited scalability that gives comprehensive insights and control of enterprise facility systems.




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