SMS Tracking Software

SMS tracking software is used to monitor the text messages sent and received from your mobile phone. SMS tracking software is installed to your mobile phone to silently send monitored data to be stored on a secure website for your review.

The thing that's so impressive about SMS tracking software is the fact that it also monitors GPS locations, calls made, contact lists, pictures and videos captured, and websites visited by the mobile phone.

Stealth vs. Parental Tracking

Stealth SMS tracking involves monitoring your phone with a software that doesn't show itself when using mobile phone. You will only be able to review monitored data from a web browser. If your phone were to be stolen, the thief would have no indication that you were tracking the mobile phone's SMS activity.

Parental SMS tracking is stealth SMS tracking software that also allows you to set restrictions on when and how the phone can be used. This is outstanding for a mobile phone that you've provided for your child or employee who may need guidance in proper mobile phone use.

Tracking your Child's SMS Messages

Recently, there have been reports of teenagers hurting themselves because of harassment that has taken place either through their mobile phone or over the internet. Social pressures have been amplified with the introduction of technology to everyday life.

If you track your child's SMS messages, you will know who they talk to and what about. You will be able to step in and help resolve serious issues that may have been kept secret from you. It's as important now as ever to hold persons accountable for negative influence.

Features to Track:

  • GPS Locations
  • Call Lists/Contacts
  • Text Messages Sent or Received
  • Pictures/Video Captured
  • Emails
  • Websites Visited

By tracking your child's SMS messages, you will gain insight to your child's life choices. SMS tracking is a tool for families that want to practice safe use of mobile phones.

Tracking your Employee's SMS Messages

Some employees have the attitude that they should be paid more to do as little as possible. These employees drain company resources and take advantage of any opportunity to get away with something.

SMS tracking software can be installed to your company phones to give you reports of your phone's whereabouts and communications. This will help you find signs of misconduct, such as stealing clients, leaking secrets, or blatant disregards for your business.

Activities You Can Track:

  • Where your phone is at all times
  • Emails Sent and Received
  • What's being discussed with text messages
  • Programs Used
  • Pictures or Video Stored
  • Websites Visited

Smartphone vs. Feature phone

SMS Text PhoneSmartphones (Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry mobile phones) run operating systems that allow multitasking and third party programs. You will only be able to install SMS tracking software to a mobile phone that has smartphone capabilities.

Feature phones can often be very similar to smartphones in appearance and function. While feature phones have the ability to capture video or surf the web, they still lack the ability to multitask, so you will not be able to install SMS tracking software to a feature phone.

The Truth Can Hurt and Help

It's not a perfect world. In a perfect world no one would do hurtful things and no one would need SMS tracking software. Since SMS tracking software is used to record malicious activity, you will probably come across personally hurtful information.

The truth about your mobile phone's use will help you in the long run. You will be able to weed out unfitting employees or be able to provide better guidance for your child. If honesty is your best policy, then check out SMS tracking software to hold persons accountable.