Tracking Mobile GPS

If you've ever lost track of your mobile phone, then you know how frustrating it is when you lose all your sensitive information, and have no way of knowing who has access to it. You can install a GPS tracking software to your iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android mobile phone to keep track of your phone and the data that is stored on it.

Hundreds of phones are lost or stolen each day. Even if you file a police report, you will probably never see the phone again. Mobile phone companies will not help you track down your phone because people could abuse this to take back a phone they had sold to someone.

Stealth vs. Parental Tracking

GPS SatelliteYou can install stealth software to your mobile phone that will track the GPS activity of a phone you've provided for your child or employee. This will help you establish trust about your child or employee's whereabouts.

You could install a parental program that would track GPS locations and also allow you to restrict when and how your phone can be used. This will ensure that your phone is not accessing inappropriate content or calling the wrong people at the wrong time.

Tracking your Child with GPS Tracking

One of the hardest things for a parent to do is to let their child take off in their first car with no way of knowing where the child is at all times. If you track the GPS on the mobile phone you provided, you will know that your child is okay.

GPS location is just one of the features available for stealth mobile tracking software. You can stealthily track or control just about any feature of your phone to gain inside knowledge about your child's movements.

Features to Track:

  • GPS Locations
  • Call Lists/Contacts
  • Text Messages Sent or Received
  • Pictures/Video Captured
  • Emails
  • Websites Visited

GPS tracking goes farther than just providing you with the locations of your phone. You will be able to retrieve any lost data associated with the phone as well as locate it.

Tracking your Employee's GPS

The need to track your employee's GPS locations is obvious. If you dispatch employees to work outside of your direct supervision, you are opening the potential for your employees to take advantage of certain freedoms.

If you'd like to know the GPS whereabouts and activities associated with the mobile phone you've provided for your employee, then you can install a GPS tracking software that will allow you to track all activities associated with your mobile phone.

Activities You Can Track:

  • Where your phone is at all times
  • Emails Sent and Received
  • What's being discussed with text messages
  • Programs Used
  • Pictures or Video Stored
  • Websites Visited

Smartphone vs. Feature phone

GPS Enabled Mobile PhoneSmartphones offer many great features including GPS guidance, web browsing, multimedia messaging, video recording and much more. What makes smartphones unique are the operating systems that allow the phones to run third party applications and multi-task.

Feature phones may offer many of the features that a smartphone does. But feature phones cannot run several programs at once, so you will not be able to install stealth software to track GPS locations on a feature phone.

The Truth Can Hurt and Help

You may be disappointed when you track the GPS locations of your phone. Betrayal by the persons closest to you hurts the most. Knowing about the dishonesty helps you get to the truth before things get out of hand.

If you use GPS tracking software in your business, you will be able to weed out individuals that waste too much time. You will also learn which employees can be trusted with more responsibility, and who is helping your business.