BlackBerry Mobile Tracking

BlackBerry phones have become popular for business and please. Known for connecting mobile users to their email accounts, BlackBerry continues to push the envelope to provide a streamlined smartphone. You may have provided your child or employee with a BlackBerry to help keep in touch.

If you have provided your child or employee with a BlackBerry, you have reason to be concerned with how the BlackBerry phone is being used. Mobile tracking software is available for you to install to your BlackBerry mobile phone.

Stealth vs. Parental Tracking

BlackBerry Mobile PhoneStealth Mobile Tracking is the ability to silently monitor the movement and data of your cell phone. Tracked data is sent to your password protected site, utilizing the BlackBerry's internet connection and GPS receiver.

Parental Tracking Software allows the administrator of the BlackBerry mobile phone to set restrictions on the BlackBerry and receive tracking data. You can control when the BlackBerry can be used, and specify accessible websites or phone numbers.

Tracking your Child's BlackBerry

It's easy to track your child's BlackBerry device. Take about twenty minutes to install tracking software, and you will be able to track monitored content of your BlackBerry from any web browser. Knowing how your child uses your BlackBerry mobile phone will ensure that he or she doesn't get into trouble with it.

It's possible that your child could get into dangerous situations and not tell you about it. If you track the BlockBerry you've provided, you can know where your child is at and what he or she is talking about, and if things are getting out of hand.

Features to Track:

  • GPS Locations
  • Call Lists/Contacts
  • Text Messages Sent or Received
  • Pictures/Video Captured
  • Emails
  • Websites Visited

By tracking all activites associated with your BlackBerry mobile phone, you can keep your child and your whole family safe.

Tracking your Employee's BlackBerry

BlackBerry Mobile phones are widely used in business. Since BlackBerry was contoured for easy email access, large companies depend on the use of the device. If you've provided someone in your business with a BlackBerry to help keep in touch, you should track the use of the phone to make sure that the employee is benefiting your company.

If you have a lot of employees, it's hard to keep an eye on them at all times. But, if you install tracking software to the BlackBerry you've provided, then you will be able to track where they are and what they're saying.

Activities You Can Track:

  • Where your phone is at all times
  • Emails Sent and Received
  • What's being discussed with text messages
  • Programs Used
  • Pictures or Video Stored
  • Websites Visited

Smartphone vs. Feature phone

BlackBerry Cell PhoneSmartphones such as the BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone offer cutting edge operating systems on small, portable devices. This gives users a private computer connected to the internet from almost anywhere. The operating systems on these mobile phones allow multiple programs to run at once, so you can install tracking software that will record all activity.

Feature phones have many of the same features as smartphones, such as internet access, text messaging, or a camera. But feature phones lack a multitasking operating system, so users cannot install third party programs to track activity.

The Truth Can Hurt and Help

The things that have been left unknown to you can be some of the worse things you could learn to know. You'll be surprised to find out what secrets people try to keep. But, as a parent or employer, it's important to know about misbehavior.

Parents and employers have the responsibility to train another individual on the way he or she should act. By successfully tracking the use of your BlackBerry, you will be able to shape your apprentice into a professional.