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What are they doing on the mobile phone while you are away?

Are you worried about what your child or employee does with the smartphone you've provided? Once you install tracking software to your mobile phone, it will silently record everything they do and everywhere they go.

We produce two different tracking products for smartphone operating systems. Mobile Spy is a stealth mobile tracking software while PhoneSheriff is polished mobile restriction software that also monitors activity. Once you install mobile tracking software to your smartphone, you will be properly fitted to manage the use of your device.

Mobile Monitoring Software

Mobile Tracking Software

If you suspect that someone is misusing your smartphone, then this software is for you. Tracking software silently uses the internet connection on the mobile phone to upload recorded details of the user's activity.

Use Mobile Tracking software when:
  • You want to silently know everything they do on the mobile.
  • You want to check activity by logging into a website.
  • You do not need the ability to restrict mobile use.
  • You would like to confirm or deny suspicions of improper mobile use.

Mobile tracking software silently records text messages, call data, pictures or video captured, websites visited, GPS locations, and more. You will be able to hold the user accountable for actions with the mobile phone.


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Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is cutting edge smartphone monitoring software which allows you to silently record all activity of your mobile phone. Data is stored on a secure website for you to review so that you stay informed even if they try to delete their tracks.


mobile parental control software

Mobile Parental Control Software

Parental Control software for your mobile phone allows you to filter, restrict, and monitor the use of your child's smartphone. With Parental Control software, you are informed and in control of your child's smartphone use.

Use Parental Control software when:
  • You want to monitor and protect your child's mobile usage.
  • You want to check what they are doing on a website.
  • You want to filter access to phone numbers or websites.
  • You would like the ability to restrict what time the phone can be used.

With Parental Control software, you will immediately find out if your child is talking to the wrong people, and what they're talking about. You will have the ability to ensure that the phone isn't distracting your child at the wrong time.


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PhoneSheriff is the latest technology in Parental Control software. Once installed, you will have the ability to monitor the use of your smartphone, as well as set restrictions on phone numbers, time, and websites the phone can use.