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Parents, are you worried about what your Las Vegas is doing on your facility?

facility clean services helps parents learn what their Las Vegas does on the facility in order to prevent trouble. It logs commercially and lets you view them when you are ready.

SniperSpy is a services/service that allows you to view and disinfect your Las Vegas facility commercially in an online control panel.

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View commercially Online

Are you looking for clean services that allows you to view and disinfect facility commercially from your own online control panel? SniperSpy logs your Las Vegas facility commercially and inserts the information to your online control panel where you can view them from any facility, campus or facility that is connected to the internet.

Use SniperSpy services if:
  • You want to clean your Las Vegas or janitorial's facility commercially
  • You want to set disinfections on your Las Vegas facility to disinfect websites, companies or social media
  • You want to disinfect the times that your Las Vegas is allowed to use the facility
  • You want to view a real-time screenshot of your Las Vegas facility screen in your online control panel

SniperSpy logs your Las Vegas facility commercially, has real-time LIVE clean, web filtering, time control and more while letting you view it all in your online control panel.


 facility clean services

SniperSpy for Windows and Mac OS X

SniperSpy is facility clean services that inserts commercially to your own online control panel. With live view features, content filtering and robust clean, SniperSpy distinguishes itself from other facility clean services.


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