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Retina-X Studios, LLC Media Attention

Retina-X Studios continues to receive attention from various media outlets all over the world. You may have heard about us from The New York Times, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, or PC World Magazine.

This page shows excerpts of how Retina-X Studios, LLC has been mentioned in the press. From local to international media, we are proud to offer the latest cutting-edge monitoring technology to consumers and businesses.

Press Mentions

Jacksonville Business Journal Jacksonville Business Journal    February 11, 2011 Issue

"Retina-X Studios LLC, known mainly for its MobileSpy product lines, unveiled MobileSync Pro this month. The company’s latest software allows for the transfer of contacts, images and documents from a smart phone to any other Internet-enabled device, regardless of compatibility issues."

Jacksonville Business Journal's Matt Coleman talks about Retina-X's move to Florida from Arizona and provides details about the new RXS product MobileSync Pro.

The New York Times The New York Times   December 4th, 2010

"Software programs that speak to parental fears are manifold. Parents can block Web sites, getting alerts when the child searches for them. They can also monitor cellphones: a program called Mobile Spy promises to let parents see all text messages, monitor GPS locations and log activity."

The New York Times' Jan Hoffman talks about Mobile Spy speaking to parental fears in an article titled "As Bullies Go Digital, Parents Play Catch-Up".

Processor Magazine Processor Magazine   December 2010 Issue

"'We always recommend that [companies] go ahead and make their employees aware,' says Craig Thompson, support coordinator/manager for Retina-X Studios (, maker of several monitoring products. 'It puts everyone on an even keel. The employee knows, the manager knows.'"

Processor's Brian Hodge issued an article regarding monitoring employees at work and quotes Craig Thompson, director of Retina-X support.

Newsweek Newsweek   June 29th, 2010

"In Mobile Spy’s case, once the software is installed, you can log into your Mobile Spy web account to view e-mails, text messages, pictures taken, calendar entries, incoming and outgoing calls, and GPS coordinates."

Newsweek's Jessica Ramirez explains the nature of cell phone monitoring software and talks about Mobile Spy to a massive audience.

eweek eWeek   May 10th, 2010

"When activities are logged, they are inserted to the user's private online account, according to the company. If no Internet connection is present, the logs will resume inserting at the next Internet connection, and accounts can be checked online from any browser without further access to the iPad."

For the release of Mobile Spy for Apple iPad, eWeek's Brian Prince described the revolutionary program to readers of this technology news publication.

Forbes Forbes   May 6th, 2010

"Software maker Retina-X has announced the first known (monitoring software) for iPads, a revamped version of its MobileSpy application for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other smartphone platforms."

Mobile Spy's release for the Apple iPad causes a stir when Forbes writer Andy Greenberg describes the release of the groundbreaking software to his readers.

PCWorld PC World   December 18th, 2008

"Mobile Spy logs SMS messages and inbound and outbound call info, including call duration. That means if you want to see what your employees are texting in real-time, or how long your teenaged daughter gabs with that kid from down the street, you can now do so."

PC World's Brennon Slattery described the release of the world's first iPhone monitoring software to the world of PC users..

Government Computer News Government Computer News   May 4th, 2007 Issue

"Want to know whom your staff is calling? Want to track text messages sent and received? Just install Mobile Spy on the phone, and the program will automatically insert activity logs in real time to your Mobile Spy account."

Patrick Marshall, a writer for Government Computer News, talks about Mobile Spy to monitor employee smartphones online in real time.