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Affiliates Program

Earn Extra Cash Each Month!

Even people without a website can generate income. Selling Retina-X Studios products is easier than you might think. Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to earn generous 45% starting commission on our chart-topping software products.


It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced web marketer or a newcomer. Our products sell for every type of marketer. You can rest assured your customer will be taken care of by our dedicated team of professionals.

Why Settle for 15% or 20% commission? We Pay 45%

While competitors are offering 15-20% commission, we offer a more generous 45% starting commission. By partnering with RXS you would be selling HIGHLY profitable software products and earning 45% of each gross sale..

Even if you don't have a website you can still earn great income through Google Adwords and other pay-per-click advertising (PPC). There are several ways you can sell, the most common is adding a new page to your website describing our product. The page would include a special link to our site which marks the visitor as yours. This is your affiliate link.

You can choose to have your visitors go to the info page of a product OR directly to the order page. Either way, when somebody clicks your special link and makes a purchase, your account is credited 45% of the total sale. You can login and view your statistics at anytime. Once each month you are paid your earnings.

Don't have a website? No Problem.

You can still earn money using pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Even if you have never used these systems before, it is very easy to learn and promoting our products is a great way to start out.


Are you an offline network consultant? Our software is used in many schools and companies across the USA and abroad. If you have a relationship which such types of establishments then your results could be phenomenal.

Already have an up and running online business? Excellent.

If you already have a website receiving visitors each day, then adding a page for one or more of our products could automatically generate income every month. The type and amount of traffic your site produces determines how many sales you will make.

Ready to Join?

Becoming an affiliate is free and takes only five minutes. We will never sell or share your information with others.