Mobile Monitoring

Mobile Spy smartphone Monitoring Software

Mobile Phone Monitoring

The world's leader in child mobile monitoring software!

Monitor your child or employee's mobile usage online. Review the contents of SMS text messages. See details of calls, and locate your device from anywhere.

Android, BlackBerry, iPhone
PhoneSheriff Cell Phone Parental Control

Mobile Parental Control

Monitor Your Child's Mobile and Restrict Specific Numbers!

Worried how your child is using your phone? PhoneSheriff allows you to monitor activity online and block phone numbers and websites.

Android, BlackBerry, iPhone

Computer Monitoring

SniperSpy Monitoring Software

computer monitoring

Monitor in real time like viewing a TV!

Worried about what your child or employee does online? SniperSpy logs activity and allows you to view the screen in real time. Watch the computer's screen like a TV in your online control panel.

Computer Monitoring
Mobile Monitoring
Network Monitoring
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Computer Monitoring


Computer Monitoring Software

Official Computer monitoring Program

Monitor Activity LIVE Using a Web Browser!

SniperSpy is cutting-edge computer monitoring technology. Now you have the ability to monitor your computer in real time using any Internet web browser.


Think your child is inappropriately using the computer you provide? Need to make sure that your employees are not wasting time? SniperSpy lets you view your child's or employee's computer activities in your own online control panel. You can also view the activities at the monitored computer.

The software monitors user activity and inserts the logs to your online control panel. Login securely from any web browser to view logs such as chat messages, keystrokes typed, websites visited and screenshots.

The included Live Control Panel sets the bar in the computer monitoring industry. Inside your account you can connect to the computer to view the screen LIVE like a television and view keystrokes LIVE as they are typed.

SniperSpy also lets you stop unwanted activities. It has filters that can block applications, websites, chat messengers, social media and time control.

SniperSpy is a subscription service which you can easily cancel anytime by contacting us.


$79.97 per Year

Mobile Monitoring

Mobile Spy

Monitoring Software for Smartphone/Tablet

Official Mobile Monitoring App

Monitor Mobile Activity Online

Need to monitor your child's text messages, Social Media, GPS locations and photos? Mobile Spy allows you to do that and more.

Install the program directly onto the smartphone you own and have proper consent to monitor. Your child's mobile activities are logged and inserted to your online control panel that you can check using a web browser.

Monitor every SMS message. View information about every call. See GPS positions as often you wish. View all photos taken by the phone. View memos, contacts and more.

Parents choose Mobile Spy for the most complete mobile monitoring solution.



$49.97 per Quarter or
$99.97 per Year

Mobile Monitoring



Parental Control and Monitoring for Mobile

Mobile Parental Control

View and Restrict Mobile Activities


While a cell phone is almost a necessity in today's world, your child might not be ready for the distractions a mobile device can bring.


PhoneSheriff allows you to monitor your child's smartphone or tablet activities and filter out or block the actions you don't want. You can even create a time schedule for allowed usage.


After you install the password-protected software onto the mobile device that you own and have proper consent to monitor, it blocks the activities you specify while monitoring your child's activities.


Logs are viewable from anywhere inside your secured online control panel. You can also bring up the interface on the phone to view logs or change restriction settings.


You will be able to view text messages, GPS and call info and more. You can also restrict calls from or to specific phone numbers, block apps and websites and more.


PhoneSheriff is a subscription service which you can easily cancel anytime by contacting us. If you need to restrict and monitor activities, this is the best option.

Android, BlackBerry, iPhone
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